We Have a Facebook Phone: Will We See A Twitter Phone?

Remember how the rumors were all circulating about there being a Facebook phone and Mark Zuckerberg denied it, well as you probably already know we have recently seen a couple of devices that could be conceived as ‘The Facebook Phone’.

The original talk about the device was a partnership with HTC but then we saw at MWC 2011 the INQ Cloud Touch phone and then an HTC phone that is based around a Facebook widget. This came as a bit of a surprise following Facebook board members previous comments. Now that we have a Facebook phone or two, will we see a Twitter phone?

One of the reasons that the Facebook phone has become a reality is because of the huge popularity of Facebook and as we know, Twitter is becoming growingly popular too. The latest rumor is that Twitter will be sold to either Google or Facebook for around $10 billion; this rumor was rubbished at MWC when Twitter CEO Dick Costolo gave his keynote.

Costolo was questioned about a potential Twitter phone, he kept his answer short, sweet, simple and to the point, he said ‘No’. He then went on to say that Twitter already works on every device that you will see this week. You can head over to Mashable where Chris Taylor has written an article containing more about things that the Twitter CEO said.

There’s also an interesting article over at mobilemag.com where Michael Kwan as contributed his article talking about some of the reasons as to why there won’t be a Twitter phone, one of them is that we don’t actually have an official Facebook phone.

What do you think? Will we see a Twitter phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.