TED Social Discussion Platform: Questions, Ideas & Debates

If you’re an intelligent person and sometimes feel you have no opportunity to talk to like-minded people then we might just have news for you. You may already have heard of TED, known for its yearly assemblies of top thought leaders, but the news today is that TED has now launched a new social discussion platform, aimed to spread ideas beyond the usual 5-day conference.

The question and answer forum, (loosely similar to Quora), is named TED Conversations and will consist of three forums with different points of focus, questions, ideas and debates. Each will have a time-limit assigned, anywhere from one day to two weeks, and this has been specifically designed to accommodate busy participants, according to Sarah Kessler over on Mashable.

Another bonus is that TED thought leaders such as Seth Godin and Jane McGonigal will take part in the forums and sometimes play host to discussions but anybody can launch a discussion and these can also be linked to TED Talk videos. June Cohen, executive producer of TED Media said, “We curate a really strong stage program, but that’s only half of what attendees [at the physical conference] get. The other half is what they get out of the interactions with the other really engaged people who have just taken in the program with them.”

If you want to take a look or get involved with TED conversations then hit the link. There are some interesting questions being asked right now such as “Can people who deny science be educated?” or how about this one, “Should governments start to measure what really matters to people – their happiness? Or should they stay out of such a private matter?”

It’s certainly food for thought and should keep the old grey cells ticking over. What are your thoughts (no pun intended) on TED Conversations? Why not let us know with your comments.