Sea Life Camera Review: Mini 2 Dive Snapper

With all the gadgets that we use today like mobile phones and cameras it’s always a good sign if their rugged enough to cope with what we have to throw at them, with this in mind the Mini 2 Dive and Sports camera from SeaLife could be the answer.

According to this post from Slashgear this camera is a cut above all the other rugged devices that are currently on offer, not only being guaranteed to be waterproof up to 130 feet (this is without any kind of enclosure as well), this device has survived test drops from 6 feet and the rubber casing is also crush resistant.

So with impressive resilience like this the only thing that makes this camera even sweeter is its impressive spec list. This armored little snapper will take clear, sharp images with its 9MP image sensor, it also boasts video shooting at 30FPS with sound, a large 2.4inch TFT color LCD display and also has a large, wide spread 3 button design for ease of use.

Although it has some great features like this it does lack the key feature of optical zoom, though it does have 3x digital zoom instead. The internal memory is 28MB but it supports SDHC cards up to 8GB, to read more about this camera follow the link to the official SeaLife homepage.

With all the over bearing costs that proceed our love for gadgets we do all we can to protect them, how great would it be if we didn’t have to worry about this and all our tech came reinforced like this camera?

What are your thoughts on this camera?

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