New MacBook Pro Line Release: Due in March?

Back in December we reported on rumors of new MacBook Pro’s due in 2011 with sources that mentioned at least four upgraded Pro’s in the Apple line up as well as an iMac. Now we hear news just in, that the new Macbook Pro’s are now in production. Not only that but they are due for release at the beginning of March.

A report by Kasper Jade and Neil Hughes over on Apple Insider says that volume shipments of the new MacBook Pro line could start in the first week of March, according to their sources. Originally there had been a slight setback in the due dates for the new MacBook Pro’s after concerns about the chipsets for the new Intel Sandy Bridge processors that are expected to be used.

Last week there was a rumor that started from a Danish blog, which said that the new notebooks could be launched on March 1. Another source has implied that there will be another new highlight for the upgraded Pro’s that will NOT just be the Sandy Bridge processors. Now we’re intrigued!

The new MacBook Airs that came out last year have been hugely successful for Apple and as I use one myself I can thoroughly recommend the Air. Apparently the refreshed MacBook Airs are selling so well after only being out for six months, that they are already selling in half the numbers of the Pro’s. However Apple Insider points out some features expected to be implemented in Apple’s notebooks during the next year or so, such as instant-on, standard SSD’s and slimmer designs, so the signs for the Pro’s are looking good.

You may also like to check out an article by Dan Ackerman over on Cnet that tells more about the March 1 launch rumor. As the last refresh for the MacBook Pro’s appeared in April 2010 many people will be happily anticipating the next lineup. Are you one of those people eagerly awaiting March 1? Let us know what you think about a new MacBook Pro lineup being imminent.