Lil Wayne Crumbles Oreo’s Facebook “Like” Record

We brought you the slightly bizarre news yesterday that the popular cookie “Oreo” was attempting to break a world record for most Facebook “likes” in 24 hours, a record that had never been attempted before. Oreo’s post on their official page managed to amass around 56.5k “likes” and set the record; however the rapper Lil Wayne has stormed in and crumbled the cookie’s record immediately.

Wayne caught word of the Guiness world record attempt and decided to get in off the fun. The American posted a comment on his Facebook page via his iPhone yesterday and said to his fans that he wanted to break the world record for most Facebook “likes” in 24 hours, just as Oreo had. According to Mashable the rapper had almost 200k “likes” within an hour, well and truly smashing Oreo’s attempt. Thats what 20 million fans on your Facebook will do for you.

Metro has reported that Oreo has 16 million fans, so Lil Wayne held a clear advantage in the record attempt. The motive behind the “like” campaign looks more to ruin Oreo’s moment rather than to simply achieve the accolade. I doubt Lil Wayne would have kicked off his mission if it had not been for Oreo starting the record “like” challenge.

It is not clear if Wayne’s record will count as no one is entirely sure if he even registered with Guiness, who observe and present the records. Guiness reps have not commented on the situation and the company Kraft who make the Oreo’s have declined to comment on their record being munched. Lil Wayne’s digital manager Mazy Kazerooni has said that “the idea was to show the star’s social media prowess”. Leave us your thoughts on this odd occurance.