Verizon iPhone: Network easily coping with demand … so far

When the iPhone for Verizon was finally announced to much whooping of delight, some wondered if the upsurge of phone users on the Verizon network after it’s release would affect the network performance, in the way it did with AT&T.

The latter has come in for a fair amount of stick for its performance while the good reputation of Verizon has continued to shine, and no doubt some at AT&T may even have hoped that a Verizon iPhone may cause its network to suffer too. The Verizon iPhone was finally released last week and along with being able to cope with the demand for the hardware it seems the Verizon network is also coping well with mobile data performance, although of course it’s early days.

An article by Zach Epstein over on BGR, sourced from GigaOm, looks into a report by Compuware Gomez, a Web app performance watcher. This study shows that so far everything is going very smoothly indeed for the Verizon network. Network performance is said not to have suffered in any significant way although you could look at this in different ways.

Firstly you could say that the Verizon network was simply up to the job (which makes the problems that AT&T had look even worse), but of course you could also say that maybe Verizon iPhone demand has not been as great as predicted so the network was not being impacted in any way. This looks doubtful though as although the in-store sales may not have been a blowout, the pre-orders were sold out quickly. Another way of looking at this could be that the move to a Qualcomm chip by Apple was a wise one.

Molly McHugh over on Digital Trends has also looked into the report and notes that the Verizon network had between 500,000 and 700,000 iPhones added in the first few days so it’s no mean feat that the network hasn’t yet been affected although of course some users were already using the Verizon network before and have simply changed their handsets.

It remains to be seen how the network will perform over time but so far so good. What are your thoughts on this news? Are you surprised that the Verizon network has coped this well so far? Let us know with your comments please.