Safe Social Networking Site For Children: Everloop & I-Safe Join April

In this day an age, children are growing up faster than we would like. Gone are the days when families would spend their days sat huddled up together playing board games. Today’s technology such as computers and the world wide web has played a huge part in replacing good old fashioned toys and such like. As we see an increase in sites popping up on the web including the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Bebo, we now have a subsequent rise in the amount of children logging onto their computers.

In a bid to keep children safe and steer them away from potential harm, start-up Everloop which purely emphasizes on this, will be joining forces with i-Safe in April to visit schools and educate on them on the do’s and dont’s. When the 2 collaborate this would mean that some 56,000 schools would be targeted.

Last week, we reported on the First Lady Michelle Obama and her subsequent banning of social networking sites with 2 daughters, one of 9 and the other 12. Consequently it got people talking about social media and the way in which can affect our children. Currently the minimum age to join Facebook for instance is 13 years old, although this in itself can prove difficult to track.

Everloop’s mission is to educate mainly 8-13 year olds, and this is when their site compliant to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, comes into play. Youngsters can access it, which as reported, is a grouping of mini-networks called loops, but they will find that they cannot present any personal information on there, bullying over the site is strictly forbidden as is any other behaviour deemed inappropriate. As well as this as stated, children will find the “loops” a source of common interest for example, music, sport, reading, current affairs and so on.

In relation to i-Safe and the work they do, they offer educational programs on how to use the Internet safely and wisely. Tim Donovan Chief Strategy Officer for Everloop said in a statement, “Most of the partners that we’ve been working with have been really specific to kids’ media. This is the first time that we’re really tied to the school environment.” Currently i-Safe’s work has been beneficial to some 32 million students in more than 4,500 school areas in America, with another 33 countries globally.

Currently, details of the 2 joining are being finalised such as a name and official launch date. But what we can tell you is with Everloop’s social networking program and i-Safe educational resources, the idea is sure to achieve great results.

What do you think about this new idea coming in April? To find out more on this check out the details below.

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