Pico Mini-Projector Showcased at MWC 2011: Smallest Yet

When it comes to projectors, we try to bring you as many as we can with details of what it are and how it works. We also bring you what we can on the Pico projectors sought after relationship with different devices such as mobile phones.

One of the devices that we have reported rumors on is the iPhone 5 and the desire to have a projector built in. Surely it’s the next step before we have holographic images being used on mobile devices? Anyway the device that we are reporting on today is was found over on Engadget where Darren Murph has written an article.

Firstly there’s Texas Instrument showing off a tiny nHD Pico projector. Pico has unveiled its new thinnest optical engine to date. The projector has a contrast ratio greater than 1,000:1 with a resolution of 640×360 and will be used newly launched Acer device.

The other device that was on show has no battery and is powered entirely by USB; it is palm sized however the guys doing the showcasing weren’t letting on any further details of it. At the moment this is just a prototype but it’s definitely something that could become a reality very soon although this looks like a small projector for projecting small things. You wouldn’t realistically be doing presentations on a device like this surely.

Engadget has included a whole gallery of the images so make sure you take a peek at them. What do you think the probability is of there being a Pico projector in the next Apple devices? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • dallas75205

    I would love for the Iphone 5 to have a 1080P capabilities and a pico projector but I don't see them putting a projector in it until at least Iphone 6 or 7. Hopefully by that time – they will also add an HDMI port or even wireless HDMI to it!!