Panasonic Viera 3D LED “DT30” Line-Up: UK Stores To Launch May

With LED TV’s becoming ever more popular, 2011 is likely to see their popularity rise to new levels as consumers upgrade to the latest technology. Of course the plus side of LED performance is the addition of 3D, another step up in viewing quality.

Panasonic has decided to introduce their first additions into the 3D LED panel market, with its Viera DT30 series.

According to Pocket-lint, the electronics giant will be launching a TX-L37DT30, 37-inch and TX-L32DT30, 32-inch units to their range. These new sets will cover the midsection TV’s, filling the gap before the larger plasma panels currently available in Panasonic’s line-up.

The new series will feature IPS panels, adding wide viewing angles and greater motion response. With the addition of Intelligent Frame Creation, Tech Radar state that Panasonic say this will allow cross-talk-free 3D images.

Social networking will be available through Viera’s Connect internet service, allowing the use of Twitter and Facebook. Other features come in the shape of Wi-Fi and DLNA compatibility, as well as 4 HDMI and 3 USB outlets, with the addition of a PC input.

Unfortunately prices are still to come, but expect to see the new Panasonic Viera DT30 range on the shop floors sometime in May.

Not content with one new series, Panasonic will also be releasing their super-size VT30 3D plasma panel range, with screen sizes coming in from 42-inch right up to 65-inch. Will you be tempted to upgrade your TV this year? If so tell us what you will be looking for.