Oreo Set To Rule Facebook With Like World Record

With social networking being used to achieve many things it seems the newest trend is record breaking, the world’s favourite cookie Oreo is asking all its fans to help them set a new world record, with the help of it’s 16 million fans it hopes to achieve the record of most likes on Facebook.

The company set out to achieve this goal at 9 am this morning, they have 24 hours in order to make this attempt a success. According to this post by Mashable.com there is no current title holder for this record, so if achieved this would make the Kraft-owned brand the setter and current holder of this world record.

As there is no current setter for this Guinness (the people behind world record attempts) have set a target of 45,000 likes within a twenty four hour period. If they are successful Oreo will become the first brand ever to hold a Facebook world record, to read more on this follow this link to Worldbreakingrecord.com.

At the time of this post Oreo were up to over 41,000 likes, giving us a great sign that this achievement could be just around the corner. If you want to keep track on this figure and like them yourself then follow this link to the official Facebook page.

It’s astonishing how much power social networks can have, to gather this many people together in such a short space of time and make them all work towards the same goal is a scary accomplishment. Maybe that’s why sites like this can really pave the way we think about interacting with one another.

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  • danniboi

    Well oreos are pretty delicious

  • ansel

    Lil Wayne just tried to break the same record 15 minutes ago, he's already at 150 thousand "likes"

  • http://twitter.com/modelrania @modelrania

    I've been tracking Oreo's growth, it's interesting to see just how viral this has become. They were halfway to their goal by 10 am- only an hour into the Guinness World Record attempt!