MWC 2011 Samsung Debut 4 Android Devices: Galaxy Gio, Fit, Ace & Mini

Barcelona saw a barrage of top end smartphones from a number of manufacturers wanting to entice us with their latest new technology. But lets not forget that MWC 2011 wasn’t just about high-end devices, there was also a number of entry level smartphones ready to tailor for the masses.

As Engadget reported Samsung wanted to unveil their range of budget devices from the Galaxy family.

Obviously they were displaying the big brother Galaxy S II, but also their Galaxy Gio, Fit, Ace and Mini. All displayed Android 2.2, and as Fone Arena states have decent enough hardware to handle the OS. But have differences to set them apart, so we have decided to give you a brief rundown on the foursome.

First up is the Galaxy Ace, which packs the highest spec with a 800MHz chip displaying through its HVGA LCD display. With a smart sleek design the Ace also features a 5 mega-pixel camera with flash. Following on from the Ace comes the Galaxy Gio, like all the others it uses a Swype keyboard and runs Android 2.2. Looks-wise its flat plastic backing contains a 3 mega-pixel shooter but without the flash.

The Galaxy Fit doesn’t house a flash either but does upgrade its camera to 5 mega-pixels, with a 3.3-inch QVGA display and 600MHz processor, it trumps the Gio slightly in the tech department but falls down on the looks side. Whilst not exactly ugly it does carry some extra bulk, which some may find off putting.

Rounding off the quadruplets come the Galaxy Mini, using the same QVGA display and 600MHz processor of the Fit. Still showing off a bit of thickness, the Mini sports a greenish surround which makes it a bit different, this is likely to be one of the more popular of the group. A 3 mega-pixel camera, again minus the flash and a 3.3-inch screen finish off the specs.

Now while these four don’t offer the myriad of technology that say the Galaxy S II packs, they will become a cheap and stylish option for those wanting to keep the costs down on their contracts. Samsung didn’t give any clues as to the pricing structure, but we think it could be safe to say that they wont be breaking the bank. What do you think of Samsung’s entry-level group?