Lenovo ThinkPad X120e Shipping Delay: Reasons Unknown

At the start of this year, Tim here at OSM, gave us a good insight into the forthcoming Lenovo ThinkPad X120e. Initially aimed at students and possibly sales reps, this new device not only gives great portability, features with new extended battery life, but is advertised with a fantastic price of $399.

As we reported, the laptop was due for release this month in fact tomorrow, but news in today, is indicating that it will now start shipping on March 8th. As well as this, the device it seems will not be available in countries as Ubergizmo stated, such as Western Europe, Australia, Japan and Latin America. Disappointing news for some of you no doubt, and what makes it frustrating is that we have no real explanation as to why the subsequent delay or in terms of preferred countries.

On a lighter note, we can report on some of the specifications being a 11.6-inch display, running on a 1.6 GHz dual-core AMD E-350 processor benefiting from Radeon HD graphics. The guys over at Cnet agree that yes, the battery life has been improved greatly since its predecessor the X100e, graphics are great, they cannot argue that its compact and great as a portable device. Other features include 4GB memory, 1GB RAM and a 250GB, 320GB 7,200 hard drive, USB port, Windows 7 Professional OS and so on. But unfortunately it does come as with all new devices, a small handful of downsides.

Scott Stein at Cnet who reviewed the ThinkPad has mixed views in relation to the device. He reported of the device feeling heavy, the battery has not been integrated very well giving it a bulge, and it eats up valuable space with the “throwback rubberised trackpoint.” In comparison to other AMD Fusion systems such as the HP Pavilion dm1, he said that Lenovo‘s device is a little on the expensive side.

In appearance, the ThinkPad comes as a matte black solid color, an inch thick although does have a tapered front end giving it a slighter slimmer feel. Improvements have been noted in regards to screen glare thankfully helped by a glossy screen overlay making text easier to read. Videos and pictures seen are still crisp and clear, the stereo speakers have been reported as good, giving out a fantastic loud sound quality, better than expected!

Also coming back to the AMD Fusion platform, it does what its supposed to in terms of multitasking, programming tasks and HD video streaming. On running various programmes on it, Scott found the laptop to maintain its heat source, the side vent didn’t get hot at any point.

Tell us are you waiting for the ThinkPad X120e?