iPhone 5 Rumor: 3 Prototypes Tested – Which Will It Be?

We’ve been following all the news and speculation surrounding the next-generation iPhone, or iPhone 5, and its release as we know how many of our readers are interested in it. We’ve published many, many articles now and only yesterday reported on a possible mini iPhone, or as some have dubbed it, an iPhone Nano.

Today we’ve also published news on a rumored new larger 4-inch display for the iPhone 5, and then we had more news of an iPhone 5 with a possible slide-out keyboard, sourced from a Taiwanese website which stated that there are 3 iPhone prototypes being tested. We wanted to bring you a bit more about this and John Brownlee of Cult of Mac has given his slant on the prototypes report.

The first of the rumored prototypes is the model with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard as already said. This model is said to be aimed at the business and enterprise market and frequent texters. On to the next prototype then and this would seem to be more of an iPhone 4 upgrade, or iPhone 4s if you like, rather than an iPhone 5 as it would not have radical changes. The design is said to be similar to the iPhone 4 but featuring more megapixels on the rear camera along with an increased battery capacity. Brownlee feels though that this would also see the dual-core A5 CPU that has been strongly rumored.

The report has no details on the third prototype and so it’s suggested that this could be the smaller iPhone mentioned earlier in this article. The Taiwanese website that sparked off the 3 prototype reports has often been the accurate source of Apple product information and so we can’t rule any of this out. However, Brownlee feels that the most likely of these three prototypes to come to fruition is the iPhone 4s with a more radical overhaul next year for an iPhone 6.

Quite where this leaves all the other rumors about an iPhone 5 such as a completely new design and larger screen is questionable. Unless of course, there may be a slight upgrade to the iPhone 4 coming soon and then a bigger revamp for an iPhone 5 later in the year although this would not seem likely. Michael Grothaus over on TUAW also notes the 3 prototype rumor and makes the good points that the Taiwanese website concerned has a solid history of credible information, and on the odd occasion when something hasn’t materialized, that doesn’t mean it never existed at all.

We recently told how Steve Jobs is said to be still firmly in control of developments for the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 despite being on medical leave and one thing for sure is that we can’t wait to find out more and will be keeping you informed with further developments and rumors. What are your thoughts on these 3 prototypes and which one, if any, would you like to see as the finished article? Let us know with your comments please.