Google Doodle: Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Birthday

As we have previously covered nearly every Google Doodle that has appeared on the popular search engine today we bring you the next instalment, this one celebrates explorer Ernest Shackleton’s birthday.

These adaptations of the widely recognised logo have been used to celebrate many previous events such as Valentine’s Day, the Olympics, inventor Thomas Edison’s birthday and even Martin Luther King Day. These logo modifications have grown in popularity ever since the first one was created back in 1998.

Today’s doodle celebrates the birth of Ernest Shackleton, born on this day way back in 1874 this intrepid explorer was one of the principal figures during the age of Antarctic exploration. Following his Nimrod expedition which established a furthest south record for Ernest and his team, he returned home and was knighted for his achievement.

When he died in 1922 his legacy seemed to die with him, stricken with debt it seemed history was ready to forget this once sung hero. It wasn’t until the 20th century when Shackleton was rediscovered, putting his name back into the history books as the hero and icon he was.

As most of us use Google as an everyday tool it’s nice to see it being used in a way that helps us remember our history and forgotten figures like Ernest Shackleton.

Who would you like to see in the next Google Doodle?

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  • anita

    The Bronte Sisters may be an interesting choice to use as a GOOGLE DOODLE…Charlotte, Anne and Emily Bronte of the "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights" fame.

  • Bonnie

    Edward Gorey

  • Juliaemily$alex

    Yes, yes, Edward Gorey!