Swatch Watch Dresses Down Twitter For NYC Fashion Week

Do you consider yourself the next Gok Wan? Ever fancied a go within the fashion industry? Over in New York, event guide “GrandLife” and retailer “Swatch” renowned for its iconic watches, were brought together during a Fashion Week party in an unusual way.

The party which had been organised to take place at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Friday of last week, saw social networking site Twitter and its involvement. As you can see from the picture below and over at Mashable, an attractive model named the “Swatch Girl,” took to the floor in a unique dress covered from head to toe in watches.

The young lady who had subsequently turned up the party in the attire, was modelling Swatch’s New Gent and Lady collections. The 107 watches in pastel colors of blue, green, white and lilac were placed on the model with material covering her skin underneath. Twitter’s inclusion was to attract as many attendees as possible, by getting them to tweet in to @swatchus using the #swatchgirl hashtag, with a chance of winning their free watch.

As each person tweeted, the lucky few would have their watches taken off the model, and by the small hours of 1.30 am, they had all gone. The dress had taken 2 hours to construct with less than an hour and a half to take them all off.

All in all Swatch have said, that by using this method of social networking, tweets reached a staggering 400,000 from attendees. Here at OSM, from time to time, we bring you news about how social media, networking sites and so on aid the way in which branded products are advertised and sold. This to me is a great way for Swatch and organisers GrandLife to market their companies, and for active tweeters to get involved.

Let us know what you think? Check out the pictures over on Mashable.

  • Rachel Baroni

    Swatch out for Horus the false KRST and Lord of two lands, hmmm.