New Features Coming To WP7: Twitter Integration & Multitasking

It was been a pretty hectic day at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona today, with demonstrations and keynotes galore! What we learnt from Steve Ballmer’s keynote presentation earlier today is details on some of the new features coming to Windows Phone 7 in the near future.

Ballmer announced that we would be seeing a host of new updates to the OS in the coming months, with Twitter integration and multitasking at the top of the list. Electric Pig has reported that Twitter will be fully integrated into the OS, and not just in the people hub. Windows Phone 7 will also be integrated across Xbox Live and other hubs aswell, in a similar way like Facebook is now.

Multitasking is the other big feature that will be added, which will allow you to switch quickly between applications and run them in the background. Pocket Now has revealed that this can be achieved by pressing and holding the back button; in doing so it will show you a live preview of all the apps you have been on.

Other notable features that will be added Microsoft’s OS is copy and paste, office document storage in the cloud, availability on CDMA networks and next generation browsing with Internet Explorer 9. We learnt last week that Nokia and Microsoft had struck a deal which would see all future Nokia phones carry WP7.

These updates will all take place over the course of 2011, with the first major update being copy and past, due in the first two weeks of March. May of the features will be included in the first half of the year, with a few being introduced in the second. Folllow the links for more details. Leave us your thoughts on the new features on their way to Windows Phone 7 this year.