Looking For A Job: Up Your Potential With Quora

Nowadays, the job market is pretty competitive in terms of tackling the issues of where to look for a job, who to talk to, what to say, where to advertise your details and so on. In today’s present age, social media and the way in which its used for individuals as well as companies plays a huge part in being recognized. Sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can all contribute to possibly making this a less stressful task and at the same time, provide results.

But has anyone ever thought of blogging site Quora? The site which was initially founded back in 2009, allows users to ask questions and answer them, collaborate or even vote on them. In terms of social media and the job market, Mashable has given some good pointers to get you started should you choose to explore this avenue. Here at OSM we have had a look through and will give you just a quick rundown of a few to give you an idea of what to do, to highlight your reputation and expertise and give you some indication of what recruiters are out there with possible vacancies.

Firstly, on joining Quora, you will be able to note down your current and past expertise with the aid of “Main and Topic Bios.” If for instance, you have experience in a certain field, then this can be whittled down using key words. The words will then show up next to your name. Another key factor to take into consideration, is of following CEO’s or as Mashable stated, execs of tech companies of which you would like to work. They will no doubt already been on the site, access them and have a look at their Bio and profile pages, take a look through for anyone that may be have a bearing on your job search, also taking into account recruiters. Looking through for people as been made easy with the aid of Trending Topics and People Entries on the home page.

As we mentioned at the start, Quora is known for its question and answer facility, and this brings us nicely onto the next tip. In relation to a job search, questions and answers may already be present on the site, such as changes in career and what choices are available, hiring, job hunting and so on, remember only really use key words in your search that will be relevant to you. The q and a’s will then show up on your profile page, so if anyone does come across your details, they will see straight away what job market you are hoping to get into along with your expertise etc.

A little confusing some might say, but in any doubt or to find out more, head on over to Mashable for the rundown of 12 ways to maximise your details. Good luck.

Let us know whether you have even considered using Quora, and if not, would you start now?