Foursquare: 6.5 Million Users – Choice of Languages Grows

We know that may of our readers are fans of Foursquare, the location-based social network and recently told you about a Foursquare app to avoid those busy times at museums, galleries etc, and also told how Foursquare is teaming up with Sony to give some exclusive offers.

Mobile World Congress 2011 is taking place in Barcelona and Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley made an appearance and gave some news about new languages and also statistics, according to Stan Schroeder over on Mashable. Foursquare will now be available in 5 more languages and they are Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Italian.

The latest stats were also revealed and there are now over 6.5 million users of Foursquare and an amazing 2 million checkins every single day. In the history of Foursquare there have now been 420 million checkins in total and growth for 2010 measured an exceptionally healthy 3400%.

Meanwhile seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day you may be interested in an article over on Fox News by Loren Grush which asks if you Foursquare on a first date and talks about the concept of love in a location-aware world. Apparently a study recently showed that by 2012 more than a quarter of a billion people may be using mobile services for dating, which is a staggering statistic.

What do you think of the latest Foursquare statistics? Are you a fan of location-based social networking and if so why? We’d be interested to find out so please do send us your comments.