Droid Bionic & HTC Merge At Best Buy: Suggests Release?

As this years new fleet of smartphones flood on to the show scene, some manufacturers have been a little scarce with their pricing and release dates. Two devices that spring to mind are Motorola’s Droid Bionic and HTC’s Merge.

However, although we may be lacking in the aforementioned areas, we can give you some information regarding the handsets’ accessories. Upgrade companies must have a six sense when it comes to the latest smartphones with forward planning for add-ons before publicized release dates.

According to Engadget, Best Buy’s has included the Bionic and Merge on their pages, with listings and images of available accessories. Now while we wait for official release news, this can only point to an unveiling sooner rather than later.

Android City commented back at the end of January, that the HTC Merge could be on our shelves sometime early February. Although we haven’t caught sight of it yet, Best Buy’s introduction of accessories could suggest a possible landing.

The Merge is said to pack a slightly smaller 3.7-inch screen to the Droid’s 4.3-inch, and whilst also running dual-core, the Bionic’s processor comes in the form of Hummingbird.

We recently reported on the Bionic’s appearance at CES, and picked up on a few rumors surrounding a possible Droid 3. With the Motorola Droid Bionic containing Android 2.2, 512MB RAM and an HDMI port, we also questioned what improvements you would like to see adorning an upgraded Droid 3.

Do you think that its coincidental that Best Buy should start advertising accessories before a confirmed release date? Or do they know something we don’t?

  • mort

    The Droid has a 3.7" screen and is the same form factor as the HTC Merge. The Droid X is the Droid with a 4.3" screen.

    • Paul

      Wrong! The Droid Bionic by Motorola has a 4.3 inch qHD quality display. It is the 4G upgrade to the Droid X.

      • JR

        The article is vague on that though; when I first read that I thought they were referring to the Droid 1 as well and I thought “No, that’s incorrect…”. I think the above poster knew the Bionic had a 4.3″ screen. Really, that entire paragraph is poorly written. It’s not clear which phone or if both have dual core, and I hope the author didn’t mean the Merge, because it won’t be dual core. And Hummingbird is a single core processor, not to mention neither of them use the Hummingbird.

  • Motoxer

    Maddy Rowe needs to do some homework!
    The Droid Bionic will be coming with the dual-core Tegra 2, not a Humming bird processor! Duh!!!!

  • flames8889

    What idiot wrote this article? The bionic has a 4.3 inch screen. Also, motorola does not use the hummingbird processor, thats samsung. Droids use the TI OMAP processor get you facts straight before publishing ignorant articles. Your mis-informing the public.

    Btw – the bionic has pc grade 512mb ddr2 ram. Thats straight from CES. I was there. Jesus, this article is garbage.

  • MrMailey

    Wow, Worse.. article.. ever.