Acer Iconia A500 Tab: UK Release Date Confirmed

In a previous post we brought you Tablet PC fans out there news of Acer’s Iconia A500 Tab, following the ongoing MWC event Acer has just confirmed the UK release date of this long awaited device. This new device is one of many new Tablet PC’s being released by all companies who are all trying to snatch themselves a nice percentage of the overall market.

Since the event started there have been many new announcements of similar devices such as the BlackBerry PlayBook , Samsung Galaxy S2 and the LG Optimus Pad, each one of these devices is trying to upstage the last. This latest offering from Acer is due for release in April, there is no official word on price as of yet but with the impressive spec list it holds, were not holding our breathes on it being cheap.

This Tablet boasts a 10.1inch screen, 5MP rear facing camera, front facing webcam, dual –core Nvidia Tegra2 chip and hopefully upon release will be running Google Android 3.0. According to this post by this device with its built in HDMI port and 1080p output , will be perfect for enjoying HD content on a big screen TV or monitor.

Not only to be used for viewing HD content on, the A500 is also a perfect solution for playing complex online 3D games, making full use of its gyro meter and multi touch screen this device is set to be a big hit with gamers. If you want to read more on this device you can check out this post from, which also has the official press release in. You can also check out the gaming experience by watching the short clip below.

So with yet another Tablet to look out for we really seem to be getting spoilt for choice, were all like kids in a candy shop here at OSM, except the kids are all grown up and the candy shop is a tech heads heaven.

Could this be the Tablet for you?

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  • Eric

    Article says "5MP rear-facing camera" this is unusual for video-calling to have such a high resolution camera! It would be more appropriate for this to be front-facing like a normal camera so you could take pictures and videos with it. Normally a video-call camera faces backwards just like the rear-view mirror in a car. I have noticed that most people never stop to think about this !