YouTube Goes Crazy For X-Men Debut Trailer Release

After alot of hype and excitement, the official X-Men: First Class movie trailer finally made its debut a few days back and YouTube has been absolutely set alight with viewers watching it.

The first preview was supposed to be shown on Facebook with fans having to “like” the page to get access to content. It appeared for some reason or other that the trailer had been delayed for a day, with the official X-Men fan page posting a status update saying the trailer would arrive in 24 hours. However when the much awaited video did arrive it had a sensational reception from fans, especially on YouTube.

The 2 minute video was uploaded onto Xmenmovies YouTube channel on the February 10th and has had over 5.5 million viewing so far, with almost 20,000 “likes”! Google’s video sharing site is one of the best places to advertise in the world and the viewings and comments tell you the whole story.

Mashable has reported that the film is a prequel to the 3 original X-Men movies and will be out in cinemas on June 3rd 2011. What did you think of the film trailer, was it worth the wait? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments and how you think this movie will compare to the others in its franchise.

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