Whats Trending? Twitter’s Top 10 Of The Week

Welcome to this week’s roundup of the top 10 trends on Twitter. This week is all about celebrity, with a healthy dose of sport thrown in there to mix things up abit. The chart of trends is kindly being provided by Mashable.

The most talked about trend on Twitter this week is Britney Spears who has been talking about the release of her new album, which is going to be called “Femme Fatale”. Followers got very excited about the 7th album due out on March 29th and Tweeted in their masses.

Another massive trend just below in 2nd spot is the Super Bowl SLV, which took place last Sunday in Arlington, Texas. The Green Bay Packers won the tournament, defeating the Pittsburg Steelers 21-25, with Tweeters also talking about the half time commercials. Lady GaGa has danced into this week’s chart at 3 with plenty of attention being on her new single “born this way” which debuted on February 11th and is expected to reach the top of the singles charts according to Sunday Mercury.

Justin Bieber makes his regular appearance in the trends chart at number 4, with there being plenty of Twittering about his docu-movie, which was released in 3D last Friday. UFC is sitting in 5th, after a big fight on February 5th between Silva and Beltford. The mixed marcial arts event was held in Las Vegas and saw Anderson Silva praising Steven Seagal for aiding him in perfecting the front kick.

Football/Soccer has been relegated down to 6, with a chunk of the talk being about the Philipines’ national team beating Mongolia 2-0. Carmen Aristegui has charted at number 7 after she confirmed she was fired due to government preassure on her news station. The journalist questioned the Mexican preident Felipe Calderon about his alcoholsim after he had denied it and because of this she lost her job.

Rapper Lil Wayne is in at 8 this week after recording a song called “Green and Yellow”, which is a play on Whiz Khalifa’s new song “Black and Yellow”. The word change was a reference to the super bowl victory of the Green Bay Packers. Gary Moore, the legenday guitarist passed away in his sleep last week whilst on holiday in Spain. Tweeters posted their support for the musicain which earned him the number 9 spot in the chart.

And completing the trends is last week’s number 1, the Egyptian Protests. There was specualtion about whether Hosni Mubarak would step down after 3 weeks of rioting but he announced he would only transfer some of his power, but eventually stood down in the end to the delight of citizens. So what did you think of these week’s top trends, were they as you expected?