Samsung Supplier Of iPad 2 “PLS” LCD Technology: Better Viewing?

While Mobile World Congress 2011 today brought the announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab II, another tablet will possibly be benefiting from the Tab II’s technology.

In a bout of pre-MWC 2011 heat, information had been sourced about some of the components to be used in Apple’s next generation iPad. According to Examiner, an unlikely connection with the Steve Jobs company, Samsung has been rumored to be supplying the display units for the iPad 2.

A report by Mac Daily News states that Samsung’s latest Super Plane to Line Switching, LCD Technology, (or Super PLS) could be at the fore-front of Apple’s next tablet. This introduction would boost viewing angles higher than the current iPad’s IPS panel. In addition to that an estimated 10 percent increase in screen brightness will back up the rumors of Apple doubling resolution.

It has been said in the past that Apple does ship out to other suppliers for certain parts, LG were one of the supposed suppliers of panels for the second gen iPad.

Whether or not, if these rumors are true we are already expecting big things from the iPad 2 when if lands. The only thing that concerns me as Ive said before, Apple really needs to step up to the mark with their new iPad. So if it is using other manufacturers technology will we just be seeing a Galaxy Tab II with an Apple logo? Tell us what you think.

  • Victor

    I'm an Apple fan, typing this message from an iPad. I think it would be ridiculous for Apple to use Samsung's screens!

    It would suggest they're really NOT leaders anymore.

    • James

      I can tell, fanboy. Also, Apple aren't leaders, and Samsung's superior screen technology would be welcomed by people who don't have sexual fantasies about Steve Jobs.

  • James

    An optically laminated (like iPhone 4) SPL display on the iPad 2 would look great, even if they don't increase resolution (although it would be nice if they did)