Will Sony Withdraw From iTunes In Favor Of Music Unlimited?

It’s no secret that Sony has certainly been busy in recent times, to give you a quick rundown of what they have been up to. We have been hearing that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will be shown at MWC 2011 and we have also seen the announcementof the Sony NGP which will appear towards the end of the year.

Apple of course have been pretty busy preparing for the release of the Verizon iPhone 4. There are all sorts of rumors circulating with Apple products, these include the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. We are now hearing reports that Sony will perhaps be withdrawing themselves from the iTunes listings.

Over at Slashgear, their author Rue Liu has written an article detailing that the hint that they may move over to their own platform which is called the Music Unlimited. Sources such as theage.com are saying in their report that Sony’s music service which opened up last year in Europe is going to have a library of 6 million tracks and the compatibility with the PSP Portable and the PS3.

One of the interesting concepts to this is the thought of the way they are doing it; Sony will be making it like a cloud system which means access from multiple devices without the need to store any data physically on a webpage.

Has this come as a reaction to Apple rejecting Sony’s e-reader app? Katie Marsal over at AppleInsider things that perhaps it is and that Sony are indeed firing back at Apple by saying that Sony will withdraw everything.

In the war of Sony Vs Apple iTunes, who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.