Valentine’s Day in America: Facebook and MySpace Data

Here at OSM we’ve already been bringing you articles about Valentine’s Day and among our most recent we’ve told you about a Purple Ronnie Facebook app, some iPhone Valentine’s apps to show you care, and some Nook Color cases for gift ideas. Now we have more news for you about Valentine’s Day, this time about love in America according to data from social networking.

This news comes to us from Charlie White over on Mashable with a great infographic. We do enjoy a good infographic here at OSM as they show data and information in a much more easily-digestible form than an endless list of facts and figures. The infographic was created for Mashable by Lab 42 and is actually titled Americans & Valentine’s Day – How they’re loving (or not) and was produced from data of 400 MySpace and Facebook users.

It really is a fascinating insight into love in the U.S. and features such information such as ‘How long did you wait before you said I love you to your significant other?’ A pretty high 41% answered less than 3 months, 22% said less than 6 months while 4% waited more than 2 years, imagine hanging on for that! However that’s still better than 10% who answered they’d never said those 3 little words to their partner.

It may be surprising to some that more males 92% said they planned to buy a Valentine’s gift for that special someone, as opposed to 82% of females. Meanwhile if you’re wondering about gifts that people hope to receive, the biggest vote went jointly to chocolates or dinner/food with 23% each, so it seems that some of us really are won over by our stomachs! Flowers received 19% of the vote while jewelry gained 18%. Meanwhile if you’re hoping to wow your significant other with lingerie you may want to think again as only a lowly 7% hoped to get that as a gift.

There’ a lot more information on the infographic such as current relationship status’s on Facebook and how people are planning to spend Valentine’s Day, so check out the full infographic at the Mashable link above. You may also be interested in an article on USA Today by Dana Hunsinger, which tells how Valentine’s gifts are increasingly given to people other than our partners. In fact the article says that Americans now spend more on other people than their significant others.

How are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day and does any of the information on the infographic surprise you? Why not let us know with your comments please.

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