Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept Unveiled

Following on from a previous post about the Nokia and Windows Phone 7 collaboration it would appear that an image has leaked online, this image revealed to us what could possibly be the concept behind this latest company partnership.

This image was exclusively gained by Engadget, this concept device looks like a new touch screen handset that is available in three colours black, pink and blue. Looking at the handsets you can also clearly make out the tell tale signs of the windows branded three buttons.

Although there is no official word on specs, release date or even confirmation that this image is genuine, it’s still nice to see that there could be a possibility of seeing a Microkia device in the not too distant future. This post from reminded us of the quote “when there’s news, there will be news” from both Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, could this be what they were talking about?

In a recent post we were discussing whether other companies would benefit from this alliance, as both companies could take a bit of time to come up with something. But according to the Microkia alliance both sides have already spent a lot of time on this, encouraging us to believe that this could be it.

Whether this is the new concept or not, if an image can appear and cause this much speculation this quick imagine how it’s going to be once we hear something official.

Do you think this could be the new handset from both Microsoft and Nokia?

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