iPhone 5 Rumor: Notification system to be improved for iOS 5

The next-generation iPhone, or iPhone 5, is due to be released this summer from Apple and only yesterday we told how Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, despite being on medical leave, is still firmly in control of developments. Other recent posts include the battle of the iPad 2 vs. the iPhone 5 and why a Verizon iPhone 5 would have a huge impact on Android smartphones.

We’ve also given you an expected features roundup for the next iPhone and now we hear rumors today of another addition that may feature. Leander Kahney over on Cult of Mac reports that Apple is overhauling its iPhone notification system and according to its sources, is purchasing a small company so that this is built into its next iOS.

One of the few weaknesses of the current Apple iOS has been the notification system which has often come in for some criticism especially when compared to the WebOS of HP/Palm which has had only positive things said about it. When Apple acquired the services of Rich Dellinger, the main man in development of the Palm system, there were hopes that the iOS notification system would be drastically improved. This has not been forthcoming however, and so a small app developing company is being sought to help out with this.

One likely possibility would be App Mixes that developed Boxcar, a free notifications app that has met high approval and exists in an iPad version. Erica Ogg on Cnet adds to this report by pointing out that a yearly update for the Apple iOS usually arrives in June, previewed around March, so we could see a new push notification system introduced for iOS 5.

What are your thoughts on a revamped notification system for the iPhone 5? Do you agree that the current notification system needs an overhaul? Why not let us know with your comments.

  • Chris

    I’ll comment on this.

    With notifications being one of my biggest gripes when it comes to the iPhone, I would love to see an upgrade for the 5. Not only would a more polished system help out with many push notifications, but notifications in general can use an overhaul on the phone. I had an HTC evo for a month, and I’ve had blackberrys before that. I love, love, LOVE the fact that these phones come with a notification LED. It’s such a simple, yet overlooked feature that seriously changes the way I use/check my phone. Calls, texts, emails, push notifications… they’re all organized according to color or flash frequency, and all I have to do is glance down at my cupholder or at my desk to see if something has arrived. This would save iPhone owners a huge amount of headaches.