Google Vs Facebook: App Developer Demands

It seems we have another major battle on our hands happening, social networking giants Facebook appear to locking horns with Google over what advertising its app developers use, the network demands its developers use alternative sources to the one provided by Google.

App developers are being told to choose from a list of providers, although on that list there is no Google ad product, both DoubleClick and ADSense are nowhere to be found. This list comprises of roughly 40 providers that are all vetted by Facebook, though the major player Google is missing.

According to this post by this absence could possibly be down to the fact that both companies could just be negotiating terms and conditions, or simply that Facebook is just planning not to let Google advertise on its site. This could be more likely as this is one of the social networks biggest competitors and it seems to have always been an ambition of theirs to overthrow Google.

It seems there is no love loss between these two companies as this post from reminds us, the last time these heavyweights came to blows was when Google stopped Facebook from importing contacts from users Gmail accounts, they also squabbled when both companies poached one another’s employees.

Although they’ve had their problems with each other, could Facebook be cutting its nose off to spite its face by deciding to do this? Surely there should be some other approach to resolving these ongoing issues.

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  • dianabol

    Isn't FB already partnered with Bing ?