AT&T Vs Verizon: iPhone 4 Battle Intensifies

With the ongoing competition between AT&T and Verizon wireless about who has the better iPhone 4 it seems the battle has just intensified, trying to get one over on its rival AT&T have started to offer their customers free minutes.

Many iPhone customers on this carrier have been receiving text messages asking them if they would be interested in a 1000 free minutes, if they are then all they have to do is reply with the word yes. Although according to this post by Matt Hickey from it appears that you do not have to wait for the message to come through to you, just send the word yes in a text to this number 11113020.

Although this was tested and worked it’s not clear whether this offer is available to all iPhone users of just those who have contracts that are expiring soon. This approach could possibly be a ploy to get its customers to stay with them and not hop over to Verizon, or it could be a thank you for sticking with them. According to this post by Marin from this just a move by the carrier to appease its iPhone users, like when it offered some users a free MicroCell to boost their coverage indoors.

Whether this is just a ploy to get you to stay with them, or a thank you for choosing to stay put you still have choices available to you if you are not happy. You could jump over to Verizon and try their iPhone although this is also not without its problems, or you could wait for the upcoming MWC event to take place and see what new exciting devices are coming out.

Are you a happy AT&T customer or are you unsatisfied with the service and looking for something else?

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  • Michael Bryan

    I have had every iphone to date and really have had no problems that i can really complain. Though i dont know if this is because i am in Orange county california and there just might be alot of cell towers here. Will be comparing the pricing of monthly service and prolly decide then for who i will go with for the iphone 5. Though that kind of steams me a little that att is going to have tethering just because verizon is going to while we could of had tethering all along