VTech 5-inch LCD “InnoPad” Designed For The Younger Generation

In today’s technology age, gadgets are not only geared up for adults but children alike. In my house, the children have the latest iPod Touches, laptops, wii, PS3 and so on. News in from chipchick.com has reported of a new tablet the “InnoPad,” aimed for kiddies aged between 4-9 years old from Hong-Kong toy manufacturer Vtech.

The tablet which has made its debut follows on from the company’s success last year when they brought out the “Flip” e-reader, so its no real surprise that they have now upped their game and concentrated on a tablet device. As slashgear reported, the 5-incher includes a LCD touch sensitive screen along with a built-in tilt sensor for easy control of games.

As well as this the Innopad has a USB port, microphone on board, MP3 for listening to songs, video player, SD card slot and headphone jack.

The positives to this little pad, is that it has been made for kids in mind, with its portability and durability, so no worrying that the little ones will drop or knock it about. Children will love the game cartridges mainly of educational use, from the library containing a list of titles. As well as being fun and interactive, they do not cost a small fortune, they retail at around $24.99 each. Interactive e-books and learning games can also be downloaded as chipchick.com reported from Vtech’s Learning Lodge Navigator.

Expect to find the InnoPad at Walmart, Target stores and so on during the fall. Retail cost for the unit is reported to be $79.99.

Tell us what your children play with at home? Do they have to have the latest up-to-date technology? Would you pay the above price?