Verizon iPhone Launch: Cringeworthy video – no blowout sales

The long-awaited release of the Apple iPhone on Verizon has finally come and gone and we’ve already briefly touched in an article yesterday on how sales “ran smoothly” at Verizon stores. As it was the first day that the Verizon iPhone went on sale in-store, some may be surprised that sales were not as massive as many expected.

We’ve come across a rather amusing video of one Verizon store opening it’s doors in a flurry of anticipation to find just two customers waiting. However hats off to the store as the staff duly went through the traditional fanfare of a big launch. The poor customers who entered the store seemed to cope quite well but it’s a cringe-worthy video and you can see it below this story, courtesy of YouTube. The customers concerned may well have enjoyed the attention though, unlike some like myself, who would have crept away, hopefully unnoticed.

Daniel Eran Dilger over on Apple Insider, reports today on the launch, which was said to be “healthy” rather than a “blowout.” There was still inventory in many stores late in the day and although sales were said to be steady there was not exactly a crashing demand, like those for the launch of the AT&T iPhone 4 last summer. However of course that’s probably not surprising when taking into account that the AT&T iPhone 4 release was the first time it went on sale at all.

Also of course the huge amount of pre-order sales could have led to shorter-than-average lines in-store than expected. The real test for the Verizon iPhone will be whether the demand remains steady over the next few days, or whether sales will drop off rapidly. With the possibility of a Verizon iPhone 5 coming as early as the summer, it’s worth considering that sales of the Verizon iPhone 4 may not live up to expectations. What are your thoughts on the “No crowds for Veriphone launch” video? Would you have enjoyed all the attention or maybe just been really embarrassed? Let us know with your comments please.