Twitter & Facebook: Enterprise Security Threats

When it comes to social networking, Facebook is the biggest of them all and Twitter is emerging as being pretty valuable. Facebook are currently in talks as are Google about a possible takeover at Twitter which currently has a valuation of around $10 billion.

Just because they are big, popular networks that are great for advertising, it doesn’t mean that they sit well with corporate security. The pair have previously failed risk reports and now we are hearing that Twitter & Facebook are potentially threats to enterprise security systems.

The way that brands and companies are moving towards the world of social networking and social media, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that more security gremlins will start to appear. Over at techworld their author Paul Krill is reporting that with the rise in using these networks to communicate with external customers it’s potentially putting sensitive data at risk to public networks.

Larry Augustin from JasperWorld 2011 is also saying that he is being forced to open up in ways that he hadn’t anticipated. He is saying that there needs to be a method of bringing the social network conversations inside the firewalls, this will provide the required protection. Augustin is also sighting cloud computing as a new development which could be used to scale applications.

Are you surprised that companies hadn’t foreseen that there would be security issues with social networking? What measures has your company taken to ensure your sensitive data remains private? Let us know in the comments section below.