Spins.FM: Request Music Via Twitter & Facebook

A new musically motivated startup company called Spins.FM has made a new web service which makes requesting radio music a whole lot easier.

The public beta launched today and it simply requires you to visit the Spins.FM site and enter the song or artist you want to listnen to. Once you have had a long and hard think about what tune you want to have broadcasted across the airways then enter your location and select whether you want to make your request via Facebook or Twitter.

Once you have selected the song or artist that you would like played then Spins.FM will post a request on your local radio station’s Twitter or Facebook wall, according to Mashable. It really is as easy as that!

In the past the site has apparently been used to help promote upcoming artists such as Mike Posner, with his song cooler than me. The startup is also set to work with Jive recording artists according to the site’s founder who says that Britney Spear’s new song hold it against me, receieved over 1,400 requested before her Spins.FM page went live.

The founder David Baker has said that radio stations will love his site as as it will “increase their following on twitter and facebook, while eliminating busy phone lines from the request process.” The boss also announced that Spins.FM had a new iPhone app on the way and also that their pages can be embedded on our current websites or used as a facebook tab. Will you use Spins.FM to make requests for your favourite songs? Give it a go now!