Smaller budget iPhone: Apple plans to beat off Google Android?

A lot of us are Apple mad, I myself admit to always being swayed by the Steve Jobs brand, I don’t know exactly what it is but it just works for me. But one thing that I will agree with is that be an Apple follower does tend to limit your choice in the smartphone market.

Now while have choices in carriers with the introduction of Verizon, we are still assigned to an iPhone whether it be 3G, 4 or soon to be 5. Google Android on the other hand command a plethora of more affordable devices running their OS. This is obviously playing on Apple’s mind as according to BGR, the iPhone manufacturer has plans in mind.

A rumor has arisen reporting that Apple plans to release a new device, with an unsubsidized price of $200. Adding to this Bloomberg reported on the possibility of the company producing a dual-mode phone, this will be capable of running AT&T‘s global system for mobile communication or code division multiple access as used by Verizon.

Whether or not Apple decide to use this open access technology in the budget iPhone as a SIM-free package is still unknown.

Moving back to the low priced device, a small number of Apple employee’s have been introduced to the mini iPhone plans, but comments have been made that Apple are constantly working on ideas that do not necessarily come into production.

In referring to a prototype that had been spotted, it appeared to be one-third smaller than the current iPhone 4 with the “home” button noticeable by it’s absence. Costs will be kept down with the use of existing model technology, such as display, processor and other attributes.

If Apple do intend on giving us a basement level iPhone sometime in the middle of the year, it will be sure to rock Android’s world and give us even more to consider when choosing our next device. Tell us if you would be more likely to switch to an Apple device if the prices were to drop?

  • Lisa

    I waited for over a year to get an iphone on Verizon. Last June when it was reported that wouldn’t happen, I started looking at android phones because my LG Dare was slowly going dead. I wasn’t going to switch to AT&T just to get the iphone. I ended up opting for the Droid X and wouldn’t trade it for a free iphone if given the opportunity. I love android. I love the larger screen. I love that android has flash and the other important option is if you purchase an app and it’s not what you really need or want you have 24hrs to get a refund. Can apple say that because I have looked for ways to get a refund on apps especially when my 6 y/o son purchased an app that was suppose to be free. So, no I don’t want an iphone. Thanks Android for coming along.