Obama Set To Make 4G Available To All

As all major U.S network carriers are looking at moving onto a 4G site it seems that they have a pretty big backing, none other than the President of the U.S, Barack Obama has set out a goal to make 4G available to all in a proposed 5 year plan.

During a speech in Michigan University in Marquette President Obama revealed his plans to make reliable 4G wireless broadband available to 98 percent of Americans, this plan would include the help of local spectrum holders such as local TV stations who would need to give up a mass of their broadcast spectrum. These spectrums would then be auctioned off to wireless providers and let the donating broadcaster have a slice of the proceeds. You can read more on this by clicking on the link to a post by Adam Rosenberg from Digitaltrends.com.

Within the next decade Obama hopes to free up 500MHz of wireless spectrum which would hopefully raise in excess of $27.8 billion, with this he plans to spend $10.7 billion on building nationwide broadband network for public safety agencies. It seems both public safety officials as well as some lawmakers have been asking for a network like this ever since the events of September 11th.

An investment of $5 billion is planned to bring mobile broadband to areas that would most likely not be served by commercial providers, followed by a $3 billion investment into wireless broadband research and development. To read more on these investment plans read this post by Grant Gross from Computerworld.com.

What do you think of these proposed plans? Is the U.S in a financially stable position to do this?

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