New Hitachi IPS display: Eye-watering density coming to phones

Do you remember the day the Retina Display for the iPhone 4 was announced and the general euphoria that followed about such an amazing display on a phone. Look set for more euphoria then at the news of a new Hitachi IPS display, which is set to go into mass production this October.

We’ve just heard this news from Vlad Savov over on Engadget, sourced from Hitachi, and the new advanced 4.5-inch IPS LCD display will squeeze in 1280 x 720 pixels, which equates to a density of 329ppi. It also provides a contrast ratio of 1,100:1 and an LED backlight that gives 500 nits of brightness.

Next time CES rolls around then, we’ll be expecting a whole host of new smartphones featuring this display that will give users a 720p resolution. Hitachi notes that its new IPS (in-plane switching) LCD display will be shown at SID 2011 starting in May, so no doubt we’ll learn more it then. Andrew Couts over on Digital Trends also reports on the Hitachi IPS display and provides a comparison to the iPhone 4 Retina Display which provides 960 x 640 resolution on a 3.5-inch screen, that means a ppi of 326.

Couts also notes that Hitachi’s IPS display provides wider viewing angles, around 160 degrees both horizontally and vertically. What are your thoughts on the new Hitachi IPS display? We’d be interested to find out so why not send us your comments.