Light Bulb Inventor Thomas Edison: Google Doodle Celebrates

Today as you log onto your computer, you will be met with a nice new Google Doodle celebrating the life of one famous inventor “Thomas Edison.” For those of you who may not have taken much notice in your history lessons at school, Edison the man born a 164 years ago, invented what we have taken for granted today, the light bulb, electric car battery and as the stated, recorded music.

Just the other day here at OSM, we reported on yet another clever Doodle looking at Father of Sci-Fi “Jules Verne,” and his 183rd birthday. The Doodle if you didn’t see it, was a interactive underwater scene taken from his one of his all time great novels, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea,” take a look at it right here. With the aid of a joystick you could move the Doodle in different directions.

Edison’s Doodle today spells out the letters Google, using some pictures of his inventions such as the motion picture camera, the phonograph and of course the electric light bulb, and what I like about it, is that it actually moves.

As Pocketlint reported since 1998 Google have designed some 900 Doodles, a majority of which we have reported on. Some have included, the birthday of French artist Paul Cezanne, Jane Austen’s 235th birthday, Martin Luther King, Doodle for Google, John Lennon and so on.

We also gave you information at the beginning of December, on the fact that Doodles can now be enjoyed not only on your computer but on your smartphone, a problem before experienced by mobile phone users only being able to see a limited number. To find out more on this click here.

What do you think of today’s Google Doodle? To date, let us know if you have had a favorite, for me the Jules Verne is mine.