IE9 RC Ready For Download: 30 Percent Faster

With many great browsers out there it can be quiet daunting trying to decide which one is for you, to try and help you make your mind up Microsoft have just launched their IE9 RC which is ready for download and is said to be up to 30 percent faster than its predecessor.

With all current browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome’s rising popularity, what can this new release give us that will make it stand out from all of its competitor’s? After receiving more than 17,000 pieces of feedback it seems Microsoft having taken note on what people are asking for and have incorporated that into its latest browser system. To try IE9 for yourself follow this link.

Following on from Its Beta testing the company has made improvements such as making its Chakra JavaScript engine at least 30 percent faster, minimised the memory use when running IE9, delivered privacy improvements as well as improving the graphics engine. You can read a full list of improvements in this post by Darryl K. Taft over at

This could be seen as being too little too late though as the companies last release of IE8 was way back in march 2009, and its competition already have their feet firmly set in the market bringing newer and faster updates. To read more about whether Internet Explorer is playing catch up check out this post by Peter Chubb over at PR.

This could make IE become the trendsetter once again forcing all of its rivals to start improving their browser systems, or it could be as we said earlier too late to make the required impact that is much needed.

Have you downloaded IE9? If so what do you think of it?

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