HP Pre 2 Release on Verizon: Pre-orders now plus free hotspot

There are many new smartphones on the way and ones that are making a big impact at the moment are the Motorola Atrix 4G coming to AT&T and the HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon, both part of the new wave of dual-core processor phones. However if you’re a fan of HP devices you will probably have already heard of the HP Pre 2 smartphone to be released on February 17, while the Pre 3 won’t be available until the summer.

For those of you who have already decided that the HP Pre 2 is the phone for you, the good news is that pre-orders are now available from HP, according to Dieter Bohn over on Pre Central, sourced from HP. With the usual 2-year Verizon contract the Pre 2 will cost you $99 or $439.99 contract-free.

Some of the features include HP webOS 2.0, Vivid touchscreen and portrait slide-out keyboard. Bohn also tells us that the Mobile Hotspot on the Pre 2, supporting 5 devices over WiFi, will actually be free of charge with the standard data plan, which is obviously a big bonus. Edwin Kee over on Ubergizmo also reports on the free Mobile Hotspot and says that the pre-order promotional offer will save you $40 a month but that it’s a limited offer so you need to snap it up now.

What are your thoughts on the HP Pre 2? Are you considering pre-ordering this smartphone? We’d be interested to know what has swayed you to the Pre 2 so please do send in your comments.