Foursquare App: To Avoid Those Busy Times

Have you ever decided to take the day off work or perhaps spend some quality time with your loved ones at the weekend, to visit a museum, theatre or gallery in London, get there and wish you hadn’t really bothered because the queues of visitors are to much to cope with?

Your days of possible disappointment may be about to change with the help of a new site “When Should I Visit,” with the collaboration of location-based Foursquare and their app. The joining of the 2 now brings a new concept to you, by letting you know the quietest day to visit a location in a simple graph format.

The idea as stated, came about in just 24 hours, from a simple tweet, with a person asking the quietest day to visit the Natural History Museum in London. You may be wondering where does Foursquare fit into the picture, well from basic check-ins of where people are visiting. As Mashable reported, it works on Foursquare’s API to access the traffic on each day of the week. A database is then formed every 15 minutes, working on the principle that if Foursquare is telling you where visitors are, then it can also tell you where the best places to go are.

Creator Dan.W.Williams has stated that he is hoping to expand the idea to other cities, and could possibility be looking into collecting data from Gowalla and Facebook. As Williams said, a simple way would be to position cameras above the museum entrance doors fitted to computers, to track the customers comings and goings, abit like the idea used in Apple stores. To find out more on When I Should Visit click here.

What are your thoughts on this new collaboration? Can you see yourself using this? Are there any downsides that you can see?