Facebook Page Makeover: Do You Like It?

Facebook is the largest of the social networks on the Internet boasting more than 500 million seeing more than half of them return daily. The developers are constantly trying to make the pages better, improving the overall user experience.

So far we have already reported to you about the pictures changing and how it has become a pop-out version and also how Facebook and Google may do battle to acquire Twitter. Whenever any changes are implemented to the social networking Giant there is always two sides to it, one side who love the change and one side who wish it had stayed the same.

The latest makeover to Facebook is a full redesign to its pages; the changes will see all Facebook pages look and feel more like the user profiles which was launched back in December. The first major change you will notice is cosmetic but there are a few others too where things have been moved around.

Mashable’s Ben Parr explains that Facebook’s Rohit Dhawan who is the lead product manager for Facebook pages says that there should be consistent experiences when possible, this is true especially when you think about other systems. So the tabbing system has been removed from the page and has been replaced down the left hand side with a new navigation system and the menu on the right hand side has been changed.

If you are a page admin then you may also want to read through another article on Mashable which is by Vadim Lavrusik where he explains what the changes mean as well as seeing it in pictures. He explains that one of the changes will see you as an administrator logged into the page enabling you to comment on behalf of your page and also across to other pages as if you were a normal user. This is a really great way to get your page noticed more by the public providing your comments are decent.

One of the frustrations that are being aired is the fact that you can no longer comment on your page as yourself rather than as the brand. We as admins all know how essential it is to be able to add your own personal opinion rather than that of the brand.

Are you administrating any pages? What do you think of the new layout? Have you noticed any other ‘quirks’ that are on the new page style? Let us know in the comments section below.