Facebook Messaging: Rolling Out To Users Now

When you hear the word Facebook, what do you think? We think, the largest social networking website on the Internet with 500 million users signed up and 250 million users that return daily. It’s an impressive number of users and a heck of a lot to try to keep happy!

In recent weeks we have seen Facebook update their photo system with the addition of a pop-out display, we have seen a few fights from the undercard of UFC 126 for free live on the UFC page and of course how Google are competing with Facebook to try and buy Twitter. Now we are hearing that the new Facebook messaging system is rolling out to users now.

We have reported on this before in conjunction with the new Facebook email address. At OSM we are still intrigued to know what your thoughts are on the new messaging system and how likely you think it is that it will pull in voice chat. Voice chat surely has to be the next step from integrating all of the messages right?

Mashable’s Ben Parr is also reporting that there are more than 4 billion messages sent by Facebook users per day and also how Facebook has taken its time with the update to make sure it’s right. There has also been an update posted on the Facebook blog that says the following.

“We’ve begun expanding the rollout of Messages to everyone on Facebook. This will happen gradually over the next few weeks”

They finalize the statement by offering for you to learn more about using messages by taking the tour so why not go ahead and do that by clicking here. Are you using the new Facebook Messaging system? Let us know if you have encountered any problems with it so far in the comments section below.