Amazon App Come To WP7- Browse, Search And Purchase

The world’s biggest online shopping site Amazon has finally launched its official app for the Windows Phone 7.

We heard the big news today that Nokia and Microsoft had joined forces and that most of Nokia’s future smartphones will run WP7. Amazon’s app is available now for free and allows you to buy and sell on the go with just one click. Tech 2 has reported that all transactions go through Amazon’s secure servers, so your mind can be put at rest when it comes down to security.

The app carries a variety of useful features and Mashable has mentioned some of the best ones which include one-click ordering, package tracking, prime member support and wish lists. The app also provides support for Windows Phone 7-specific swipes, which lets you quickly slide between product details, reviews, related items, etc. Amazon also recently launched an app for their Kindle on the Windows Phone 7.

You can download the app directly from Amazon now, so follow the link if you wish to take your shopping habits out on the go. Do you think apps like these will kill the shops out in the towns when everything can now be done from a smartphone? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.