Verizon iPhone 4: Antenna Problem on Video

With the final release of the Verizon iPhone 4 it would appear that it that this handset is still being plagued by the same antenna problem, following a video seen online you can see that when the device is held in the so called death grip, it struggles to load web pages at the same speed it previously had.

Since its release back in June 2010 this upgrade to its very popular predecessor has had ongoing problems with its antenna, Apple have tried to rectify the fault in many different ways such as bringing out an app for users to download, which they could use to register their details to receive a free bumper case. According to this post by Hayley Tsukayama ilounge (a website dedicated to Apple users) said an “iPhone case or cover should solve any issues”.

If this was the case then why would Apple feel the need to change the antenna’s location within the device? Although it has taken this drastic step, it would appear that Verizon customers are reporting that the handset is much worse than the device that was supplied to rival carrier AT&T. After the switch of the Antenna it seems that there is a loss of both Wi-Fi and cellular signal when the handset is being used in either portrait or landscape mode. You can read more on this in this post by Alan Ng from PR.

So where would this leave people who are unhappy with this handset? According to this source from, Verizon do not charge an early termination fee if customers decide to switch handsets mid contract, but the customer would have to pay full price for their new phone.

With no official word from Apple about refunds it seems that you are left with three choices, buy the phone but make sure you purchase a case with it, replace the handset with a different one at your own expense or avoid this handset altogether. Although these handsets do have their faults they are still one of the best selling Smartphone’s on the market, and in this day and age we think you would struggle to find a device of this calibre that doesn’t have some kind of fault associated with it.

Are you experiencing these kind of issues with your iPhone 4?

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  • owen

    based in London, plagues with problems, cannot get a dial tone, cannot retrieve messages, get a 'screaming tone' on both numeric keypad and when trying to make calls, dropped calls etc., am on my second iphone in less than 4 months, this one goes back in a few days, am then a galaxy. been a full apple suporter for decaes, now very pissed off with them, in business and it has cost loads. as they say in london POS – piece of shit.

    alos found out that G4 signal is very dodgy, to many users – ok, so switched GPRS off, still a POS

  • Armand

    What moron is going to palm their phone that way? seriously? This is a joke.

    I have had the case off my iphone for a couple months, and have not experienced a single problem with signal strength as compared to with the case on.

    Are we really going to bring this up again? get a life!

  • macfan

    Calls drop after a short time just holding new Verizon Iphone in my left hand sitting at my desk. (Just happened again when my son called.) Phone was designed and styled to be used without a case, but it is not usable. Sure you can use a case, but do you have to?

    Maybe if people checked their phones without a case they would see the signal drop off and realize there is a problem with their phones. This issue is not going to be good when people try to sell their phones at the end of their contracts and have a phone with a known problem.