Twitter Rolls Out Upgraded App For Android

Twitter has today launched their revamped app for Android, which sees an upgraded user interface that is similar to that of its iPhone and web apps. Non Twitter users can now also access the microblogging service.

We now see a host of useful changes to the social networking app, such as a redesigned menu bar, the ability to use the app without having to sign in to your account and also a universal search function. Mashable has given us a breakdown of how this works and basically there are four types of search. You can execute a traditional search, find people with the name of the word you are looking for, look for nearby tweets or go to the @Twitter profile.

PC Mag has reported that usage on Android for Twitter has doubled in the past two months due to a rapid increase in owners of Google’s OS. A Twitter spokeswoman called Carolyn Penner spoke out about the overhaul of the app on a blog and wrote. “Six months ago, it wasn’t in the top 10 Twitter apps, now it’s in the top five alongside,, Twitter for iPhone, and Twitter for BlackBerry.” Full details can be found by following the link.

The revamped app is ready and waiting for your Android device so what are you waiting for! Just make sure you have 2.1 or higher… Leave us your thoughts on the upgraded Twitter App for Android and tell us if you enjoy the changes they have made.