South Carolina Prison To Ban Facebook – Your Thoughts?

Social media and social networking are brilliant for businesses and brands; they have many other great uses too like keeping in contact with friends and relatives who live far away but it also has a darker side to it that you don’t hear about too often.

We have heard how a hacker managed to burgle Zynga of poker chips worth a lot of cash and already we have reported on how inmates are re-offending from inside using the likes of Facebook. The other article that is pretty relevant to this one was by OSM’s Maddy Rowe where she was asking ‘should prisoners be allowed Facebook access?’ Now we are hearing that a prison in South Caroline may be about to ban Facebook.

According to Harriet McLeod of Reuters, inmates will lose a lot of their privileges if they are caught with banned cell phones. Apparently these are often thrown over the fence to them. Some of the consequences include loss of visitation, solitary confinement and a loss of canteen privileges.

Something else that has been mentioned is that those who are found to be updating their Facebook status might have an extra 30 days in jail as well as a $500 fine. Another source reporting on this is where Meredith Singer is mentioning how it affects those on the outside.

What do you think? Should inmates have access to social media and social networks whilst behind bars? Not in my book………… Please air your thoughts in the comments box below.

  • Jerry

    Well, it is tough stuff to solve. But frankly speaking I didnt know that prisoners had access to internet at all:)