Nintendo 3DS: Price Reduced For UK Pre-orders

The Nintendo 3DS is a very highly anticipated device and in the war for your pre-order, UK retailers are slashing the price. This is pretty bold move but when you consider that the UK markup is by a third, these big companies can afford to reduce the price.

HMV kicked off the pre-ordering the day after the device was announced and it was at £299.99 however the news that the Nintendo 3DS is being reduced for UK pre-orders means that all the big retailers are going to keep battling it out.

The contenders will be the usual ones, Amazon, Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s normally do some kind of offer on a lot of the big name consoles and games to pull you into their store. VG247 are reporting that Tesco is doing the reduction through a special voucher which will give you £20 off.

Over at Nintendo’s official magazine website their author is explaining that Tesco has sparked a 3DS price war as they have made the device cheaper than ASDA too. This is far from over; we can see more deals coming for it as well. However if you are not wanting to wait and see then head over and grab your voucher today as it’s the last day it’s available.

Will you be getting £20 off your Nintendo 3DS through Tesco? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • MrNigel

    Why all the fuss about Tesco and Asda discounting the console by £20?. Websites like have been offering the 3ds for £199 since its release date was first announced.

  • Kiefer

    more secure returns policy probably, and many people are more secure about buying from supermarkets then internet companies or smaller retailers…