Hashable: It’s Like Foursquare With People Instead of Places

The way social networking is these days it must be pretty difficult to get a new social networking site up and running. Facebook of course is the largest of them all with more than 500 million people signed up.

Twitter has become one that is emerging well and in fact, Facebook and Google are possibly planning to buy it for around $10 billion. We are now hearing of a new one called Hashable. This is a site that is described as being similar to Foursquare but for people. Instead of checking-in to places you check in with people.

The idea behind Hashable is to build and track the relationships that matter. Over at building43.com Robert Scoble has written an article about the new social network and also included a video of an interview with Michael Yavonditte the CEO of Hashable. In the video he talks about the app for the iPhone and its main uses. You can also learn more about the new social network over at their official homepage where you can sign up to the Beta.

Hashable is the first mobile service that allows you to track relationships, it gives you a change to log the events that you partake with another person whether it’s a business meeting or simply a coffee. One of the cool things that it can do is when you get someone’s information in the system; the app will reveal other people who have posted interactions with that person. The more interactions you have with that person the stronger your relationship chart will be with that person in the system. Check out the huffingtonpost.com‘s amusing article which explains the differences between ‘Mashable’ and ‘Hashable’.

Check out the video at the bottom of the article to get a full rundown on the system, doesn’t it remind you a bit of a CRM system? You could see a company perhaps using a privatized version of the app if they can gain enough analytical data out of it and also have the customer base whilst making it more secure. What do you think?