Google & Facebook May Battle Over Twitter Acquisition

Back in 2008 Twitter turned down the offer from Facebook of $500 million to acquire the company, a bold move on the part of Twitter executives however this will soon pay off as the company is reportedly now worth somewhere in the region of $10 billion.

There are new reports saying that Google and Facebook may do battle to acquire the emerging social networking giant Twitter. Let’s face it, Google are desperate to venture into the world of social networking but do they know how? Google would want their social networking sites to be as seamless as their search engine but can that happen with Twitter?

Facebook is also quite often the centre of controversy but also a great place to do marketing for brands and companies. Facebook’s stats speak volumes for the popularity of the network. It has more than 500 million users signed up with more than half of them being daily returners. You only have to look at what happens on Facebook every 20 minutes to get an idea of its rise to fame and fortune.

Twitter’s valuation has certainly grown, in a graph shown over at; they show the gradual increase starting from February 2009 where it was valued at $250 million, 7 months later we hit September where its value had increased to $1 billion and then in December 2010 it was valued at 3.7 billion. Why not head over to WSJ to read the full story on this?

What do you think Twitter is realistically worth? Who do you think should go through with the purchase, Google or Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.