10 Twitter Parody Videos: YouTubes Finest

With all of the serious news going around that Twitter may be about to be aquired by Facebook or Google, we thought we would bring you a little light hearted comedy concerning the massive microblogging service.

YouTube is the home of millions of videos and Mashable has kindly compiled a top 10 list of Twitter parody videos for us to have a chuckle at; the best one in my opinion is the Twitter version of the Social Network moive trailer. We have embedded it below, with plenty more of the videos available by paying Mashable a visit.

As you can see by the like for like dialougue and dramatic background music, the YouTube user Indy Mogul has put a top class effort into making this video and it is no wonder it is approaching 1 million views. Other Twitter parody videos include an animated Tayor Swift talking to a group of deer from her car, an enthusiastic nerdy looking Biz Stone which you see above and also an office sketch showing what it would be like if you were restricted to 140 words in real life.

If that is not enough for you then also follow the link for a roundup of Kanye West’s wild Tweets being put into song; a completely hilarious clip called Twitter cops which looks at how life would be if Tweeting had boundries and a full on Music video which we featured for you a few mothns back which sees Michael Jackson’s just beat it, become just tweet it. There is also Twitter in real life, Twouble with Twitter and Flutter: The new Twitter. All the videos should bring a smile to your face so check then out and let us know what you think.